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"While we were fighting, I could feel the hurt in you. Sharp, intense pain…but familiar somehow—almost as if it were my own. It felt like we’d connected—like we shared the same hurt." ~ Data Sora to Data Roxas
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I’m very confident in my sexiness so when I get more shirtless photos guess where they’re going

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Rule 1: Post the rules

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I was tagged by: vanikey (thanks!!)

1. What was the last movie you watched?
 22 jump street
2. Do you prefer animation or live action?
 Animation, by FAR
3. What’s something you are excited for?
Kingdom hearts 2.5, kingdom hearts 3, Dragon ball z: battle of the gods
4. Who was the last person you talked to?
My girly friend
5. Do you have any pets?
No, I would like a hedgehog though
6. Does getting tagged by these things annoy you?
Nope, I enjoy people trying to interact with me!
7. Favorite character of all time?
8. Photographs or videos?
Of me?
9. Have you ever gotten in a physical fight?
3 times, never lost, I’m a warrior!
10. Are you allergic to anything that you know of?
I don’t exactly know, I just know I’m allergic to some weird shit
11. What time is it right now?
10:18 EST
My questions:
1.Are you in a relationship?
2.Do you want to travel?
3.Have you had a happy life?
4.What is something that means a lot to you?
5.What is your lifelong dream?
6.Best memory?
7.Favorite music artist?
8.Favorite anime?
10.How old are you?
11.Do you like peaches?
Alright I tag: 358-2-days give-yourself-12-percent i-made-my-own-path crystalfissure

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